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Feline Fancies client Edna Hanser

cat sitting services

The comfort level of your cat while you are absent is important and providing the right care is imperative to this. As each cat's personality differs, so do its needs.


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we serve cats on vancouver's west side

feline fancies service area map

Our service area extends from Cornwall Avenue/Kits Point on the north to 33rd Avenue on the south; from Cambie Street on the east to Blanca Street/UBC on the west. If you live outside our service area, contact us (just click here) for a referral to another pet care service. We're happy to help!


each visit includes:

  • A minimum of 30 minutes.
  • Tons love and attention.
  • Play time with toys to stimulate
    your cat's mind.
  • A gentle brushing session or
    quiet lap time.
  • Preparing and providing meals
    according to their particular palate
    and your instructions.
  • Administration of any medications,
    insulin shots, subcutaneous fluid
    therapy, etc.
  • Refreshing all water dishes.
  • Litterbox scooping and disposal.
  • Upon request, email updates
    including photos.

in addition to cat care,we provide
basic home care that includes:

  • Lights/blinds adjustment.
  • Radio/TV on low.
  • Mail/newspaper retrieval.
  • Watering of indoor and
    outdoor plants.
  • Security check of doors and windows.

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