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Feline Fancies provides
in-home care for special needs cats.

Established in 2006 by my late diabetic cat Cinder, Feline Fancies provides quality care to special needs cats with much love and respect.

It may be your cat is diabetic, has kidney
disease, heart problems or needs palliative care. All ailments require extra care. Our in-home cat sitting visits will give your cat the necessary
care comfortably.

Careful monitoring of food and water intake, litterbox usage and any behavior changes will
be recorded.

Feline Fancies' mission is to build a relationship with your feline companion, from which a lasting friendship is born and the well being of your cat is maintained. They deserve the best care available.

For your peace of mind we are licensed, bonded and insured. References furnished on request. Please click here to contact us.



Feline Fancies client Cachou Peterson

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